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End of the Road

Last year’s market selloff was almost entirely driven by the change in monetary policy by the Federal Reserve.  Last year saw an unprecedented 7 rate increases totaling 4.25%.  Those increases comprised the bulk of what the Fed needed to do to get inflation under...

A year for the Income Investor

For most of the 2000’s, to varying degrees, the Federal Reserve has actively pushed interest rates down in the U.S. economy.  These policies always started off as a response to some crisis at the time. Whether it be the tech bubble bursting, 9/11, the financial crisis...

More of the Same

The stock market continued its decline this quarter, selling off another four percent since the end of June. As of September 30th, the S&P 500 was down 24.8% for the year. This puts stocks well into bear market territory which is defined as a 20% drop. Stocks were...

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