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Improvements to Long Term Care Insurance

We are often asked to advise on whether our clients should purchase long term care insurance.  While we are proponents of being self-insured, when it comes to long term care, with steeply rising prices and the fact that 7 in 10 people 65 and older eventually need some...

Building Wealth vs. Enjoying Wealth

The second quarter proved to be every bit as challenging for investors as the first quarter this year.  2022 seems to be the year when the consequences of a lot of poor policy decisions have come home to roost.  Inflation and rising interest rates are the two main...

It’s All About Inflation

U.S. equities closed out the quarter with their first quarterly loss in two years mostly due to soaring inflation, the Federal Reserve’s policy pivot and the war in Ukraine.  Economic measures of inflation have now reached a 40-year high and are forcing the Fed to...

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