Ongoing Financial Plan

One thing is certain, things will never turn out exactly as projected a year later. Some differences are due to things in your control and others are not. By reviewing your financial plan regularly, we can recommend small changes along the way to keep your plans on track.

Annual Reviews

A financial plan is an ongoing process and not just a one-time event. Our annual client reviews identify if any small changes are necessary. We value being proactive rather than reactive. We want our clients to feel in control of the journey, not caught off track and forced to make big changes in order to course correct.

Monthly Statements, Trade Confirmations, and Tax Reports

Alder Financial partners with a nationally-recognized firm, typically Charles Schwab & Co., to serve as custodian, affording a reassuring system of checks and balances. This alliance provides clients with all the amenities of working with a large organization while also benefiting from the personalized service of a boutique firm.

Quarterly Reports

In addition to the monthly brokerage statements that are per account, our reports offer a consolidated view making them more relatable to your financial plan. Where Schwab statements only offer balance and transaction activity, our quarterly reports also track performance, benchmarks, and allocation targets.

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