A Different Approach

Building Wealth

Further than five years from retirement

Everyone begins the journey to retirement in the growth stage. At this stage, while retirement is not quite on the horizon, you realize the need to prepare for it but are not sure how. You have an established career and are now working toward building a nest egg for retirement down the road. Now’s the time to plan ahead to ensure you’re on track for the retirement you want. As life’s responsibilities shift and demand more time and attention, you need to know that your savings will be there when you need it.

What We Focus on in the Building Wealth Stage

Designing a financial
plan with realistic goals


Projecting how much
you’ll need to retire


Maximizing savings
and tax efficiency

Setting the right expectations for yourself and your money

Budget planning
and debt reduction


Review and advise on employee benefit and retirement plan options


Discuss risk management options such as disability and life insurance

Growth is the primary emphasis of the portfolio

As your trusted retirement advisor, we help you envision the retirement you want and come up with steps to help you stay the course. As your portfolio grows and increases in complexity, you will need a trusted advisor who can steer you toward the right path. While you’re living your life, we are keeping an eye on your future to make your personal time less worrisome and more enjoyable.




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