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Enjoying Retirement

Currently in Retirement

You have saved for years and now it’s time to enjoy the retirement you have planned for. This stage of life is all about security and knowing your money is there when you need it. At this point, your portfolio is now in position to replace the reliable paycheck you are accustomed to along with your other sources of retirement income. Even though you have reached your goal of financial independence, the journey is not complete and you need a trusted retirement advisor to help you stay on course.

What We Focus on in the Enjoying Retirement Stage

How and where to tap sources of income in a tax-efficient manner


Strategies to mitigate sequencing risk


Finalize Social Security and pension payment plans

Legacy planning for heirs and charitable endeavors

Adjusting portfolio for longevity while considering market risk


Sustainable income generation is now the focal point of the portfolio


Plan for expenditures such as grandchildren

Tracking your retirement budget and making necessary adjustments

Investing your portfolio in retirement is very different than before retirement. Careful coordination is required to ensure your retirement income plan is tax-efficient and sustainable. Retirement income is our specialty and this is what we do. With us as your partner, you can retire with confidence and enjoy your wealth instead of managing it.




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